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About Department

Functions and Objectives of the Department

The main objective of the Department is to effectively promote, support and integrate various activities related to alumni relations for the holistic development of the university. In fact, the Department will be a one stop shop on behalf of the University for all the issues related to alumni. Moreover the Department will superintend the work of the M.D.U. Alumni Association and will provide administrative support to it.

major functions and objectives of the department are as under:

i).  To provide a common, interactive and recognized platform for the alumni of the University.

ii). To develop relation with alumni, enroll new alumni and maintain/ update the database of the alumni of the university in coordination with the Heads and Alumni Coordinators of Departments/Institutes of the university.

iii). To organize various academic, social and cultural functions to enhance participation, interaction and contribution of the alumni in the and also to explore the means to strengthen the constructive participation of the alumni in the holistic growth of the university.

iv). To establish liaison with M.D.U. Alumni Association, Alumni Associations of the university teaching departments/institutes and other similar Alumni Associations working in India and Abroad.

v). To provide financial and administrative supports to the various teaching departments/institutes of the university to strengthen and organize the activities pertaining to alumni at the departments/institutes.

vi). To raise and receive various endowment funds, donations, gifts etc. from individual, organization, government and other agencies in the corpus fund for the welfare of students, alumni and the university.

vii). To institute and disburse scholarships, fellowships, medals, awards, etc. to the needy or meritorious students of the university out of the corpus fund for the purpose.

viii). To help and support the students of the university through the alumni in skill development, imparting training and career placement and by other means.

ix). To monitor various facilities being provided to the alumni, resolve their grievances and help them in their professional life.

x). To maintain communication with the alumni by sending greetings, messages, invitations, literature and newsletters etc.

xi). To appreciate and disseminate the remarkable achievements attained by the alumni and to felicitate/honour the alumni who brought national/international acclaim in their respective domains.

xii). To prepare Annual Report of the activities conducted involving alumni and to publish directory of alumni of the university.

Officer and Staff of the Department


Alumni Relations   -    (One)

The overall activities and functions of the Department will be monitored and coordinated by a Professor of the university be called, Director, Alumni Relations, appointed/nominated by the Vice-Chancellor amongst the faculty members of the University Teaching Department. The term of the Director Alumni Relations will be for two years in addition to his/her duties as a Professor. Further Director, Alumni Relations will be an Ex-Officio member of the M.D.U. Alumni Association.

   Secretarial Staff

The Department will have the following regular posts:

1)  Superintendent - 01 (One)
2)  Data Entry Officer-cum-Clerk - 01 (One)
3)  Peon - 01(One).

However, while organizing programmes at the University level such as Alumni Meets, Student-Alumni Interaction Programmes etc. the required additional staff may be provided by the university.

Fund and Account for the Department

1)  The university will make sufficient budget provisions and allocate funds to the department in each financial year to carry out routine office works and functioning/activities of the department.

2)  The University will maintain a separate corpus fund in a nationalized bank account for the Department of Alumni Relations, named ‘MDU Alumni Corpus Fund’. The ‘MDU Alumni Corpus Fund’ will include endowments, donations, gifts etc. received from any individual alumnus, organizations, State/Central governments or other agencies and will be utilized by the department only for the purposes of objectives of the department. Further, the bank account of the ‘MDU Alumni Corpus Fund’ will be jointly operated by the Director, Alumni Relations and Finance Officer, M.D. University, Rohtak.