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A Message From Director Alumni

Dear Alumnus

Greetings from your beloved Alma Mater, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak


As ambassadors in different areas, as advocates for post-secondary learning, as mentors to today’s students, as governance and policy advisors, alumni are integral to the university and fundamental to its success. Our esteemed alumni have done exceedingly well in all spheres and brought name and fame not only for themselves but to their alma mater as well. Maharishi Dayanand University always reminds the legacy left behind by the alumni. We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our MDU ARYAN as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the University. Alumni Association Office is a liaison between MDU alumni and the university that provides opportunities for the alumni to stay connected with their alma mater. The main goals of Alumni Association are to strengthen the bond between the University and its alumni; to foster the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship amongst the alumni; to provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of idea and views on educational, cultural, social and academic issues; to increase the participation, involvement, and communication with our younger alumni; to support students for their higher studies and in placements and to continue to serve as the primary communications link between the University and the alumni in India and abroad. We encourage you to re-establish your commitment to our students and to the alma mater through continued involvement. That will definitely boost us to better represent your interests as an ARYAN. The more alumni become involved the more robust and valuable our alumni network becomes. Without alumni’s participation in mentoring students and assisting with fund raising and scholarship initiatives, the students and the university cannot succeed. Thank you in advance for staying engaged with University. Kindly register online or send your updated details or details of any other alumni in your contact in the prescribed proforma that can be downloaded from the link MDU Alumni Form at Please feel free to contact the Alumni Office at Student Activity Centre, M.D. University, Rohtak with any comments, suggestions or questions.


 Best regards


Prof. (Mrs.) Shalini Singh, Dept. of Psychology
Director Alumni

Department of Alumni Relations

M.D. University, Rohtak